Avanlee App Subscriptions

Bring your family closer with the all-in-one elderly care app.
One subscription for the whole family!
Avanlee is free for most users! Just one subscription is needed per family.
At Avanlee, we believe that your information and your privacy are important. When we created an app to care for family members, we realized that some of the information being shared might be sensitive. So to protect your private information, we decided we would not sell it to advertisers or serve third-party ads. That is why we created an affordable subscription model to help you care for your family. It allows us to continue to operate without selling your information. Plus, we think you’ll really like not seeing ads. We have two different subscription tiers to better fit your needs. Either way, it is entirely free for every one joining you; no other family members need a subscription.
Only 1 subscription is needed per family. Try Avanlee Essential or Avanlee Premium free for 14 days.
Avanlee Essential

Your private and simple all-in-one elderly care solution, for just $9.99 a month.

Your senior care app subscription includes:
  • Up to 10 members in your family at no extra cost
  • Private and secure communications
  • “Ask Avanlee” feature - live support
  • In-app video calling
  • Timely, triggered alerts
  • Easy administration of roles
  • Integrates with Google Fit and HealthKit for health monitoring
  • Advertising free
Download now for a free two week trial
Avanlee Premium

For a limited time only, secure Avanlee Premium for $12.99 for as long as the subscription is live (usually $19.99).

What this includes:
  • Everything in Avanlee Essential plus
  • Up to 30 members in each family
  • Up to 5 different families
  • More features coming soon!
Download now and secure Avanlee premium for $12.99 a month
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