Frequently Asked Questions

What is Avanlee Care?

Avanlee Care is an application that allows family members to stay connected to, and virtually monitor an individual’s health.

How much does it cost?

A monthly subscription costs $9.99 per family.

What is the difference between a care receiver and a caregiver?

A care receiver is an individual who would like help tracking things in their daily schedule, like medications they take throughout the day, doctor appointments, and health metrics. A caregiver is someone close to the care receiver (like a family member) who can help track the care receiver’s daily schedule. There can be many caregivers in a family, and all can be granted various levels of access to the care receiver’s health data.

I’ve downloaded the app, what should I do now?

A video tutorial will walk you through the basics of using Avanlee Care both as a caregiver and as a care receiver. You can find more detailed tutorial videos under the “Help” section of the main menu.

What kind of information is collected?

Care receivers can choose to give permission for most recent locations and for biometrics; including step count, heart rate, and sleep. This information is not collected from caregivers.

Who will see a care receiver’s information/data?

Care receivers and selected caregivers within the family who have administrative permission can see the caregiver’s information. These settings can be managed at any time on the “manage your family” page.

When will the app be available for Android?

The Android version is currently under development and is expected to be released Summer 2020.

How does it help me keep in touch with my family?

There are multiple ways to stay connected with Avanlee Care: The home page allows all family members to post thoughts, images, and videos privately with the entire family. And the family page lets you have private conversations with individuals or groups of family members, as well as engage in phone conversations and video calls.

What kind of health information do you ask for?

With the care receiver’s permission, we will ask for access to step count, heart rate, and sleep metrics. This information can be gathered from Apple HealthKit or Fitbit. Your phone can provide us with step count, but getting more detailed information (i.e. heart rate and sleep) requires use of either a supported Apple Watch or Fitbit.

How does Avanlee Care keep track of medication and doctor’s appointments?

You can set medication reminders by clicking “schedule” on the bottom right home screen. Then by clicking “add” in the top right corner, you will be able to add medications and schedule physician reminders and other events with family.

Can Avanlee Care be used to monitor mood?

Yes, a care receiver can choose to log their mood at any time, allowing selected family members to see mood updates.

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